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Your visit will begin with a consultation with one our experienced Case Managers. They will gather information related to your health history, and the reason and cause for your current ailment. They will use this information to help them determine if you are a candidate for the care we provide at Senior Physical Medicine. If it is shown that you are a candidate, you will then be able to move forward with the examinations.


The next step in your first visit is the thorough examinations by our team of providers.. The examination will include neurologic and orthopedic, range of motion, muscle strength, spinal analysis, full review of systems, and a review of your medical history. These will be conducted by our Medical Provider and our Chiropractic Physician.


At Senior Physical Medicine we use an onsite, cutting edge, digital radiography machine. These x-ray images give us valuable information about pathology (disease), structure, and alignment, that we may not able to clearly identify through our examinations. This information is a critical part of the decision making process in patient care.

Round Table Discussion

What truly makes Senior Physical Medicine unique is our team approach to patient care. Each day, time is set aside to develop our new patients’ personalized optimal care plan. This discussion brings together our medical team, therapists, rehabilitation team, chiropractic physicians, and case managers. Our patient’s evaluation and clinical decision-making are all done as a team.

Our Services are Covered by Many Insurance Plans

Our services are covered by most major medical insurances as well as Medicare. For those who do not have insurance coverage, we also offer easy and affordable self-pay plans.